Middletown high schoolers punished for walkout

Students across the country participated in day of walkouts and protests earlier this month in support of the victims of the Parkland, Florida shooting. At nearby Madison High School in Middletown, 43 students who participated got detention. Among those punished was Emily Phelps, student council treasurer and incoming first-year at Miami. “I think it’s wrong that we were punished at all, because I felt that the administration should have supported us from the beginning,” Phelps said. “And if t

Tom Dutton ‘remembered for his legacy, not his disease’

When Tom Dutton first got diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, he received a balloon from his students that said, “Thinking of you.” Janice Dutton, his widow, now has that balloon displayed on her fireplace mantle. It stayed inflated for months, hovering around his hospital room and then his living room when he came home. “Have you ever heard of a helium balloon doing that?” Janice said. “Like that balloon rose above the gravity pulling it down, Tom rose above his cancer.” Over 100 people gather

Representative Warren Davidson visits Oxford

Warren Davidson, representative of Ohio’s congressional eighth district, paid a visit to Oxford on Wednesday, April 19. Miami’s College Republicans organized the town hall event in the community room on the second floor of LCNB Uptown. College Republicans facilitated the meeting for members of the Oxford community who had wanted to speak with Davidson, said director of communications for the organization, Luke Schroeder. The community room was standing room only with an audience made up of most

Chinese students weigh in on ‘unusual’ race

Four interviews show confusion with U.S. candidates By most standards, the 2016 presidential election has been unusual. Americans and international citizens alike share this sentiment. Perhaps the most unusual of all factors to international students at Miami are the two candidates that America has chosen. “Why would people choose two bad final candidates at the end?” said sophomore Olsen Cheung. Cheung is from Hong Kong, China. And while he is not able to vote in this presidential elections

At MU, making sure all can vote

With 46 days left until the general election and 17 days until the cutoff for voter registration in Ohio, political organizations on Miami’s campus are working in full force to get students registered to vote. One of those organizations is College Democrats, which has been working in tandem with local Hillary for America staffers to increase voter registration awareness on Miami’s campus. Sophomore Nick Froehlich, College Dems communications director, said his organization makes voter regist

Welcome to the Jungle: Bonaminio has Miami roots

With its green facade painted to mimic jungle vines and trees and the turquoise waters of the shallow ponds flanking the door on either side, Jungle Jim’s is hard to miss. Life-sized giraffe and elephant statues can be seen taking a water break in the pond through the thick brush and shrubs. Shoppers entering the international grocery store are engulfed by the sounds of lions growling and monkeys howling, welcoming them to the jungle. What many may not know is that the Jungle Jim behind Jungle

Miami responds to Paris attacks

The terrorist attacks in Paris Nov. 13 stunned the international community and left many questioning their security. Miami University is no exception. He called his parents, who are still living in Paris, the night of the attacks. They didn’t know what had happened until the next day, which is when they told their son about the explosions and the hostage situation. ISIS has since claimed responsibility for the attacks. While none of his family or friends were hurt, Saint-Mleux said the more he

Phi Kappa Psi suspended through 2019 academic year

At a Phi Kappa Psi party in February, “inappropriate pictures” were taken of a student attendee, without the person’s consent, and then distributed via the messaging app GroupMe. These photographs, along with hazing violations, would later lead to the fraternity’s four-year suspension from campus, a Miami Student records request revealed. The victim depicted in the inappropriate pictures had attended a Phi Kappa Psi-hosted party Feb. 10, where the fraternity also served alcohol to minors, univ

College Democrats look to revitalize their party after Nov. 8

Just as the 2016 presidential election brought many American citizens into the political fold, the same seems to be happening here on Miami’s campus. Miami’s student body leans slightly to the right, according to Miami’s CIRP survey results, a survey administered to incoming first year students to the Oxford campus. The percentage of students who consider themselves “conservative” at Miami is about 10 percent higher than at other public universities. This political tilt can be seen in student

Food institute sees successful first harvest

Miami Institute for Food finished first growing season with ‘pretty incredible’ yields The Miami Institute for Food (IF) celebrated the end of its first year with a very successful harvest. “In terms of what we’ve done, it’s been incredibly productive,” said Peggy Shaffer, co-coordinator of the IF. “And it’s been successful in a number of ways.” The land the IF sits on was previously used for conventional farming where pesticides and GMOs were used. “We had no true expectations with the land