I have written for newspapers in Ohio and North Dakota. Here you can find some of my work. 

Vet still gets 100th birthday party at AF Museum despite Govt shutdown

A government shutdown this weekend made for a shorter-than-planned birthday party for a World War II veteran at the Air Force Museum on Wright Patterson’s base. His family planned a surprise for him over the weekend at the museum. Eubanks arrived for the noon party, and the family was alerted they only had until 1 p.m., due to the government shutdown, said grandson Kevin Black. “The Museum was very accommodating considering what they were up against,” Black said.

Black lung screenings encouraged as cases rise

ATHENS, OHIO — Josh Wilson walked up the small metal steps with his heavy, paint-spattered work boots. The Pomeroy native has been a coal miner for a decade, but hasn't worked for the last four months. He is only 38 but hack coughs like an old man — shaking his whole body. His kidneys recently failed, landing him in the hospital. And now he's having trouble breathing. "Especially at night," Wilson said.

On hold: Minnesota communities disappointed after pipeline d...

Mikey Totleben is the owner of the motel. He said he caters to construction workers and was depending on the work on the pipeline coming through town this summer. Totleben, who also is a Hallock city councilman, said he's feeling a little let down that construction on the pipeline has been delayed. Enbridge announced earlier this month that construction of its Line 3 oil pipeline will be delayed until the second half of next year, leaving local communities like Hallock disappointed.